Order of the Arrow

Spring Fellowship

Join fellow brothers for Spring Fellowship at Beaumont Scout Reservation from April 28-30! Reserve your spot at http://springfellowship.cuyahoga17.com for our “Celebrate Cuyahoga” Fellowship so you don’t miss out on this final event for Cuyahoga Lodge. Opportunities for Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies, service to camp, Vigil call out, and more will make this Fellowship one to remember! We hope to see you there! Note to 2017 Stag Pass holders: you still need to register so that we know you’re coming–just check the Stag Pass box and you won’t be charged.

See this flyer for more details about the weekend. Ordeal candidates: be sure to review the packing list to prepare accordingly.

2017 Conclave

Register for this year’s Section C-4A Conclave at conclave.oa-c4a.org! Conclave is an annual weekend gathering of Arrowmen from across the section for fun, fellowship, and training. This year’s Conclave features a super hero theme and will be held from May 19-21 at Manatoc Scout Reservation. Indeed, those who attend will return as heroes for their units and lodge! Register before April 2 for the lowest cost!

Lodge Update Video

Check out this video update from Lodge Chief Quentin K, Lodge Adviser Joe Wollet, and Supreme Chief of the Fire Marc Ryan. Learn about Spring Fellowship plans, Vigil weekend, lodge transition plans, and more!

Founders Award Nominations

As with the final class of Vigil Honor recipients for Cuyahoga Lodge, we’ll be having one final class Founders Award recipients. The Founders Award can only be presented to two individuals each year. The nominations form is attached and is due by March 4 to Carl Boyles.

Vigil Honor Nominations

Prior to the transition to our new lodge with our brothers from the east and west, we’ll be having one final class of Vigil Honor recipients for Cuyahoga Lodge. Our lodge can present six Vigil Honors this year. Learn more about the significance of the Vigil Honor at the national OA site. A letter regarding this year’s nomination process, the list of eligible candidates, and the nomination form are attached to this post. Nominations are due by March 4 to Vigil Honor Committee Chair John Kochis. Vigil Weekend (restricted to Vigil Honor recipients only) will be May 12-14 at Beaumont Scout Reservation.


Take to the Skies in February

Our February lodge meeting will take place at Sky Zone in Westlake, Ohio (31500 Viking Parkway, 44145)! The fun begins at 7 pm with jumping until 8, then we’ll have a 30-minute lodge meeting. The cost is $15 per jumper; others are welcome to attend at no cost.  Food will also be provided. Register at skyzone.cuyahoga17.com by February 12. In addition, you must complete this waiver form ahead of time and email it to cuyahoga17@gmail.com by February 12. Anyone who registers or submits a waiver after February 12 will not be able to attend. Additionally, be aware that Sky Zone will provide special socks that must be worn in order to jump.

Cuyahoga Lodge 17 earns JTE Silver for 2016

Congratulations, fellow Arrowmen, on helping Cuyahoga Lodge 17 earn the 2016 Silver level Journey to Excellence recognition.

The key areas that put our Lodge solidly into silver territory were:

  • Positive growth in membership over the previous year
  • Improving lodge membership participation at lodge events
  • Council program and camping support
  • Fiscal management

Thank you for all you’ve done in the past year to make Cuyahoga 17 such a great Lodge.

Best wishes from your Top 5 officers and advisers for a happy, healthy and rewarding new year!

2017 Active Arrowmen Award Forms

Brothers, as 2016 comes to a close and 2017 approaches we would like to present the 2017 Active Arrowmen Award forms. These are the most up-to-date forms with revised requirements for 2017. They are attached to this message as well in the Resources tab of the website.

Congratulations to the Arrowmen who earned the Active Arrowman Award in 2016. First-time recipients got a handsome patch to wear on their uniform or a fleece. Second-time recipients received fleece jackets. Those individuals are eligible for the third-year award, a large back patch for the fleece.

Anyone can start earning the Active Arrowman Award at any time. Everyone who would like to be recognized for the award at the 2017 Red & White Banquet must submit their 2017 award form to Lodge Adviser Mr. Joe Wollet no later than Nov. 15, 2017.

Active Arrowman Award – Adult 2016-12-07
Active Arrowman Award – Youth 2016-12-07
First Year Arrowman Award 2016-12-07

Building On a Strong Foundation

By Joe Wollet
Incoming Lodge Adviser

When I was asked a few months ago to become your next Lodge Adviser, I was simultaneously excited and humbled at the prospect.

You see, the Order of the Arrow and Cuyahoga Lodge 17 have been a big part of my life for 47 years.

I was called out and inducted into the OA at Beaumont in July 1969. I still remember the scant food, the night alone (I think it was alongside the filtration pond on the north side of camp) and the day of arduous labor.

For our service project, my fellow candidates and I spent a full day (morning and afternoon) digging out tree stumps by hand in Camp B (the original name for Broadbent). It was hard work for a 13-year-old under a hot July sun.

Fast forward 26 years. I was living in Mobile, AL, where my son had wrapped up his year as a Tiger Cub and was moving into a Wolf den.

Because of him, I got reengaged in Scouting and decided to go for Brotherhood. In 1995, I completed that goal as a member of Woa Cholena Lodge 322 at Camp Maubila near Jackson, AL.

Since then, my primary service has been to my “unit,” whether on a pack, troop, crew, district or council basis.

Two years ago, Lodge Adviser Don Young asked me to help out as Associate Adviser for Communication, a job I’ve enjoyed doing on a number of levels.

First and foremost, it helped me rediscover my passion for our Order, its core mission of cheerful service, and the way its values are expressed through the Obligation and the Admonition.

More importantly, though, it’s given me the opportunity to meet a great number of awesome youth members.

Whenever I hear someone say “these kids today…” my frame of reference is 180 degrees opposed to theirs. It’s “these kids today” who give me great hope for the future of our units, our council, our community, and our nation.

As I move into the adviser’s chair, I look forward to building onto the solid foundation established by Mr. Young and the many dedicated adult leaders who have served previously in this role.

Those who know me know I have a philosophy of small wins. It’s nice to have major victories once in a while, but most often, winning comes in small portions that add up over time.

My goals for our Lodge can be summed up as deepening the bench. I will continue working with our Top 5 youth members to develop their personal leadership skills, to instill in them an ethic of servant leadership, to help them meet their commitments to the Lodge, and to serve them as a mentor.

Through continuous improvement, we must help each other continue building and retaining membership, ramping up Brotherhood conversions, and increasing participation in Lodge events.

If you like the direction our Lodge takes, tell your friends and fellow Scouts or Scouters. If you don’t like the direction we’re taking, tell me.

Reach out to me any time you have a constructive idea or a need. Call or text me at (440) 846-8080. Email me at jwollet@gmail.com.


Elections and Communications Teams Planning Session

Arrowmen helping with or interested in helping with elections as well as Arrowmen interested in helping with lodge communications (website, weekly emails, Teepee Talk, social media, photography, etc) are invited to planning sessions on Saturday, December 10, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Parma Heights branch of the Cuyahoga County Library (6206 Pearl Road, Parma Heights, 44130). The elections session will enable Arrowmen to run elections at units throughout the council, and the communications session will review tools and plans to increase the reach and effectiveness of lodge communications. There is no cost and lunch will be provided.

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