Order of the Arrow


Lodge Committees – Get Involved!

(new committee pages will be added to the menu as they become available)

Camp Promotions – Develops plans for camping promotion in consultation
with the council camping committee; develops promotion helps such as “Where to
Go Camping” booklets, visual aids, color slides, and movies or videos of camping

Ceremonial Team – Recruits and trains ceremonial teams, instructs
members on appropriate ceremonial regalia, keeps ceremonial grounds in good
condition, and conducts lodge and Scout unit ceremonies when requested.

Communications – Prepares lodge newsletters, develops and maintains
lodge websites, organizes and operates the network of OA troop/team
representatives to keep units informed, and promotes participation in OA events
and activities.

Culinary Crew – Plans and prepares meals at OA events and activities
as requested.

Finance – Draws up an annual budget based on administrative and
program needs, obtains information from the council service center and issues
regular finance reports and is responsible for the financial status of the

Inductions – Plans and administers Ordeals, recruits and trains
Elangomats and Nimats, administers the Brotherhood hike, and conducts new-member

Lodge Leadership Development – Plans an annual conference to build
members’ leadership and job-specific skills; coordinates continued leadership
training through out the year based on lodge needs.

Membership – Checks on inactive members and maintains membership
records, sends out letters each year to identify active members and checks
address changes, and sends letters to Ordeal members eligible for Brotherhood

Recognitions – Responsible for organizing the lodge selection of Vigil
Honor candidates and Founder’s Award Recipients.

Service and Activities – Suggests a yearly schedule of service
projects, gets lodge approval, and makes complete plans for getting the work
done. Also develops, plans, and carries out membership activities as requested
(i.e. Medieval theme at a fellowship weekend)

Totem Poles – Carve totem poles for section events and the
beautification of camp. Also maintains existing totem poles.

Trails – The Trails committee is responsible for maintaining the
Trails at Beaumont Scout Reservation. They make sure that all trails are
passable and kept in good order.