Order of the Arrow



Your election is the first step of your induction into the Order of the Arrow. The next step will be the Ordeal. The Ordeal is a 24-hour test of your strength and will. The Ordeal is not a test to see if you are worthy for membership in the Order. Having been elected by your unit, you’ve passed that test already.

The Ordeal is a 24-hour intensive leadership development exercise designed to demonstrate to the candidate the values on which Scouting and the Order of the Arrow are based. After completing the Ordeal a Scout becomes a member of the lodge and is entitled to seal his membership through the Brotherhood Ceremony. Candidates should select a date when they can complete the entire Ordeal without interruption.

Candidate Packet

After being elected each candidate should receive a packet of information about taking their Ordeal. This packet contains a letter of congratulations, candidate information, packing list, and OA FAQ sheet. Registration information will be posted on the Lodge website at least a month prior to all events and Ordeal weekends (see Calendar or News pages for links). The fee can be mailed in with the flier, paid during online registration or paid when checking in.

Those with medical, physical, or nutritional needs must make those known at registration time so proper arrangements can be made.

Call-out (optional)

The Call-out is an intermediate step between the election and the Ordeal. It is the only public ceremony that the Order runs. During the Call-out, we publicly recognize your election to the Order in front of your troop, your family and your friends. You do not need to be called out. It is an optional part of the process. The timing of your Call-out is entirely up to you. Call-outs are done during each week of Summer Camp at Beaumont.

The Ordeal

Ordeals are held several times a year: Spring Ordeal, four summer camp Ordeals, and Fall Fellowship. You will be expected to be in attendance for the entire Ordeal, so you will need to schedule it when you have no other obligations.

At Spring Ordeal, candidates check-in at the Augustus Training Center at Beaumont Scout Reservation. Candidates must bring a completed BSA Annual Health and Medical Record with them. During the check-in process, the candidate will need to sign in, submit a current medical form, and if not prepaid, pay the Ordeal fee.

While participating in your Ordeal you will be expected to do physical labor, which may involve lifting, walking, reaching and other strenuous activity. If you are physically incapable of performing these activities, please let us know upon check-in, and we’ll make adjustments according to your abilities.


Here is a suggested packing list of what to bring and not to bring.