Order of the Arrow

2017 Stag Pass Now Available

Cuyahoga Lodge 17 is offering Stag Pass again in 2017. For $65.00, any member can lock in costs for 2017 events at 2016 prices. In addition to price protection, Stag Pass enables members to pay for a year’s worth of activities in one transaction. (Note: Stag Pass members still must register for each event).

Stag Pass registration includes:

  • 2017 Lodge dues
  • 2017 Spring Fellowship
  • 2017 Fall Fellowship
  • 2017 Red & White Banquet

To sign up, use the following link: http://gccbsa.kintera.org/stag2017. Members may also pay at the Greater Cleveland Council Service Center.

New Member Orientation – August 29th

All members who were inducted in 2016 are invited to attend along with one parent. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about our Order and how new members can get involved. Please see the flyer for complete details or register online at http://gccbsa.kintera.org/oanewmember16.

Time for ALTC

The time has come for our annual Area Leadership Training Conference (ALTC) on November 4-6th at Camp Lazarus in Delaware, OH. I am excited to announce that we will have Central Region Chief, Logan Greene in attendance. ALTC will promise a renewed curriculum and a continuation of the track system. We listened to your feedback, and have tried our best to offer a series of tracks to best fit your needs. This year, we will be offering the following courses:

Leading into the Second Century: Designed for the youth and adult leadership from each lodge , this track will be restricted to three youth leaders and two adult advisers as designated by the lodge chief. This track will focus on preparing future and current officers for their roles within the lodge.  

Programming the Future of your Lodge: Designed to challenge participants to discover and develop ways to plan and run engaging lodge events. This track will focus on a perspective of an organizer who needs to put it all together. Everyone who wants to make sure events are fun and impactful are all welcome to this experience.  

Tailoring Your Ceremonies to Succeed: Designed to develop a lodge’s overall ceremonies experience ranging from improving your ceremonies ring to improving the experience of members participating in the ceremonies. If you are interested in ceremonies or never served in a ceremony role, come to expand yo ur knowledge.

Furthermore, we will be adding quick, thirty minute sessions in the afternoon that you can pick and choose from to learn more about a wide variety of topics in our order ranging from OA High Adventure, regalia, being a section officer, and more! Our faculty ranges from foreman from every high adventure base to leaders at every level within our organization. Each and every member of the team is currently hard at work in preparing relevant, engaging sessions for members of all ages to enjoy. It is our goal to give you the tools you need to better your leadership skills.

All you need to do is register by visiting the ALTC website. Registration by October 28th will greatly enhance your ALTC experience.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Nate Steele
2016 Conference Chairman

Help Wanted at Boo-Mont for Cub Haunted Weekends

Join your brothers in a fun-filled weekend of service this month at Boo-Mont Scout Reservation. Each year, our council hosts Cub Haunted Weekends for our young boys in blue. Our Lodge supplies a lot of the manpower to entertain the Cub Scouts.

Two Cub Haunteed Weekends are offered this year:

  • Fri.-Sun., Oct. 14-16
  • Fri.-Sun., Oct. 21-23

There is no cost for Arrowmen to attend this fun weekend. Meals and lodging are provided. Earn service hours for volunteering. If you can’t come out Fri. night, you may arrive Sat. morning and depart Sun. morning. Some of the events include pumpkin chuck’n, pumpkin carving, BB guns, glow-in-the-dark archery and wrist rockets, Zyclone shooting, a haunted hayride and a costume contest. Arrowmen who attend are guaranteed to have a great time while having fun with the Cub Scouts.

To sign up, contact Lodge Chief Quentin Kaminski.

Luau Fellowship Weekend

Sign up now for Cuyahoga Lodge 17’s August Luau Fellowship Weekend. Register online at: http://gccbsa.kintera.org/oaluau16

Summer Camp Ordeals

Order of the Arrow Summer Camp
Ordeal Opportunities

Who: All Order of the Arrow Ordeal candidates elected this year who have not yet completed an Ordeal.
You do not need to attend summer camp to participate in any of these Ordeal experiences.

When: Choose from one of the following sets of dates:

  • Thurs. June 30 — Fri. July 1
  • Thurs. July 7 — Fri. July 8
  • Thurs. July 14 — Fri. July 15
  • Thurs. July 21 — Fri. July 22

Where: Arrival 6:30 p.m. Thursday — Pick-up 8:30 p.m. Friday
Augustus Training Center, Beaumont Scout Reservation

Cost: $35 per person for Ordeal candidates (new members) who are not attending summer camp
$25 per person for Ordeal candidates (new members) who are attending summer camp

What to bring: BSA medical form, BSA uniform, sleeping bag, ground cloth, rain gear, water bottle, work gloves

Register: Online:  http://gccbsa.kintera.org/oasummer2016

In person or by mail: Greater Cleveland Council, BSA, 2241 Woodland Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115

Please register no later than one week prior to your arrival date.

Spring 2016 Teepee Talk

The Newsletter and Trail Marker versions of the Teepee Talk are now available on the website.

Vigil Nominations

The Vigil Honor Committee would like all members of the Lodge to participate in the nomination of the 2016 Vigil Candidates for this year. Members are requested to send in their Vigil Honor nomination forms. The forms must be received by May 28, 2016 to be considered. The selection committee will be meeting on May 31, 2016. Only the selection committee and current vigil members can attend the selection meeting. Complete details can be found in the Vigil Nomination Packet.

Secret Mission: C-4A Conclave


Registration is now open and declassified for the 2016 Section C-4A Conclave. I hope you will join us May 13-15 as we go undercover for our spy-themed event.

This year our rendezvous will be at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Kensington, OH for an event you will not soon forget.

No one should miss out on the full weekend of special ops training, reconnaissance missions, spy aptitude evaluations, and a series of covert challenges.

We will also be hosting Special Agent Hunter Jones (National Order of the Arrow Chief).

You can expect all of this and more from the event, but some details remain top secret! To learn more about conclave and to start the registration process, visit conclave.oa-c4a.org. We encourage you to use the step-by-step guide to ensure proper registration. The cost for this exciting weekend of fun is $65.

I hope you will join us on the mission!

— Agent Michael Schloemer
AKA The Chief


Unseasonably Cold Weather for Spring Ordeal

More than 60 new and veteran Arrowmen descended on Beaumont Scout Reservation for the 2016 Spring Ordeal on April 8-10.
The weekend required lots of flexibility and “Plan B” options, as more than six inches of new snow fell Friday night and temperatures dropped well below freezing, with strong winds whipping through camp.
As a result, Ordeal candidates spent the night in silence in the Environmental Resource Center and some ceremonies were moved indoors. The planned service project also had to be scrapped in favor of Plan B.
Nonetheless, everyone had fun with the Star Wars theme. Light saber training, an epic battle between the Jedi and the Empire, and an Order 66 manhunt were afternoon events.
On Saturday evening, members enjoyed a Cantina card bazaar and a crazy auction, then settled in for a screening of Star Wars Episode 7.

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