Order of the Arrow

Vigil Nominations

The Vigil Honor Committee would like all members of the Lodge to participate in the nomination of the 2016 Vigil Candidates for this year. Members are requested to send in their Vigil Honor nomination forms. The forms must be received by May 28, 2016 to be considered. The selection committee will be meeting on May 31, 2016. Only the selection committee and current vigil members can attend the selection meeting. Complete details can be found in the Vigil Nomination Packet.

Secret Mission: C-4A Conclave


Registration is now open and declassified for the 2016 Section C-4A Conclave. I hope you will join us May 13-15 as we go undercover for our spy-themed event.

This year our rendezvous will be at Seven Ranges Scout Reservation in Kensington, OH for an event you will not soon forget.

No one should miss out on the full weekend of special ops training, reconnaissance missions, spy aptitude evaluations, and a series of covert challenges.

We will also be hosting Special Agent Hunter Jones (National Order of the Arrow Chief).

You can expect all of this and more from the event, but some details remain top secret! To learn more about conclave and to start the registration process, visit conclave.oa-c4a.org. We encourage you to use the step-by-step guide to ensure proper registration. The cost for this exciting weekend of fun is $65.

I hope you will join us on the mission!

— Agent Michael Schloemer
AKA The Chief


Unseasonably Cold Weather for Spring Ordeal

More than 60 new and veteran Arrowmen descended on Beaumont Scout Reservation for the 2016 Spring Ordeal on April 8-10.
The weekend required lots of flexibility and “Plan B” options, as more than six inches of new snow fell Friday night and temperatures dropped well below freezing, with strong winds whipping through camp.
As a result, Ordeal candidates spent the night in silence in the Environmental Resource Center and some ceremonies were moved indoors. The planned service project also had to be scrapped in favor of Plan B.
Nonetheless, everyone had fun with the Star Wars theme. Light saber training, an epic battle between the Jedi and the Empire, and an Order 66 manhunt were afternoon events.
On Saturday evening, members enjoyed a Cantina card bazaar and a crazy auction, then settled in for a screening of Star Wars Episode 7.

Winter Teepee Talks

The Winter Newsletter and Jan-Feb Trail Marker editions of the Teepee Talk are now available on the website.

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